Over 80 years experience in mining

Thiele Granit with its main company Bayer.Wald Granitwerke - K.A. Thiele GmbH & Co. is a traditional, independent family business with over 80 years core competence in mining and stones. This long history is based on a consequent business focus on quality and service, reliability and competence as well as innovation and performance.

Steinbruch mit mehreren SohlenAlready in the 1960-ies we offered our customers a wide portfolio of natural stone products. From the very beginning we complemented products from our own quarries with imported natural stone materials.
Up today we kept this customer and service oriented approach.

Today we offer the following products:

  • national & international natural stone products
        for the building and road construction industry
  • Perlite for the chemical and construction industry
  • Various Industrial Minerals
  • Mining technology and equipment like impact mills, screening units and conveyor belts for quarries and gravel plants.


    Thiele-Granit, your competent partner for mining with more than 80 years experience!

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