microcrush® is produced from granite, different natural stone granulations and/or minerals. Because of the very high-grade processing and the natural and mineral stone characteristics microcrush® fulfills highest quality demands and is contrasting with conventional crushed materials.

microcrush farbsplitte

microcrush® characteristics
  • Natural Grip
  • Chemical and mechanical strength
  • Colour proof because of natural colouring - no fading!
  • UV resistance
  • Uniform, defined granulations
  • Cutting edge processing and treatment
  • Easy to process


Colour variations:
Bavarian Forest Blue, Bavarian Forest Yellow, Bavarian Forest Anthracite, Bavarian Forest Autumn Leaves Colours, Alpine red, Alpine Green

0/1 mm, 0.5 /1 mm,1/2 mm, 1/3 mm

Our microcrush® products are used in following applications and areas:

Working slabs
For the production of working slabs for example in kitchens, special high-grade and constant fillers are necessary. Depending on system and production requirements different raw material granulations can be combined.
In the bituminous area fillers are used as roof coatings, sanding, for repair mortar systems and for decorative gritting.

Multi-coloured stones
microcrush® is used in different applications and systems of artifical stone production (slabs and cobble stones).
Thermal insulation material
In its finest granulation microcrush® is used as filler for special thermal insulation slabs.
Due to its natural and mineral composition and nice colour effects microcrush® is especially used for model-making, aquaristic, terraristic, floristic, window-dressing, gastronomy and hotel industry.

Cement floor
The material is used as filler or rough aggregate depending on the application

Colours, pigments and paintwork
The naturally structured granulations are ideal additives to other raw materials and binding materials for natural colouring.
Strong joint mortar
Either for decorative reasons or as filler - microcrush® has proved its qualification as raw material in this area.

Industrial floors
microcrush® is a selected aggregate that is used for decorative reasons or as an anti-skidding , highly resistant raw material in heavily stressed surfaces.
Mineral plaster
microcrush® is also used in different applications regarding facade works and plaster because of its uniform, defined granulations and colouring.

Mineral soil improvement
Mineral raw materials can compensate certain earth deficiencies as a soil improvement. Several microcrush® products can be used.

Graduated microcrush® products are used in different mortar systems on a cement basis.

Natural removal of plant lice
Stone powders are known for removing apse or plant lice naturally through powdering of the plants. Afterwards, the stone powder will be washed off by the rain and the soil quality will be improved simoultaneously.
Special coatings
Due to the outstanding characteristics regarding natural grip, UV resistance and colour proof microcrush® products are perfectly suited for special coatings.

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