Mining Technology and Equipment

Our associated company ROGRANEX SRL plans, prepares and supplies machinery and equipment for the quarrying and mining industry in Central and Eastern Europe as well as Africa.

Our product range includes individual components of extraction technology such as conveyor belts, screening machines and screening units, screw conveyors, log washers, crushers and impact mills as well as complete systems as ready to use rock crushing or gravel plant. Qualified specialists from Eastern Europe are also available for installation, maintenance and servicing of these units.

We are able to offer exceptionally cost-effective refining technology solutions due to the combination of modern production technology and manufacturing capacities in Eastern Europe. Our subsidiary company Rogranex SRL has also been tested and certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. 

Satisfied Customers:
- HOLCIM, Romania
- Heidelberger Zement, Romania
- Wilhelm Geiger GmbH & Co. KG, Romania
- LAFARGE, Romania
- MACON S.A.Deva - Gravel plant and quarry, Romania
- HVS Prest S.R.L. Satu Mare - Gravel plant, Romania
- SCCF Iasi- Group Colas S.A. Iasi - Gravel plant , Romania
- LATREPI S.R.L. Focsani - Gravel plant, Romania
- RIKMAT PLADA Ltd, Israel
- VEPEX S.R.L. Galati - Gravel plant, Romania
- Hötzelsberger Hartsteinwerk, Germany
- Schönberger Schotterwerk, Germany
- Granitschotterwerk Herrnholz Kusser-Brandl, Germany
- Donau-Asphalt-Bau GmbH, Germany
- Thiele Perlite Sarl, Morocco
- Medstone Sarl, Morocco

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