Natural Stone Products

Verschiedene Naturstein Produkte

Wir bieten Naturstein Produkte wie:

  • Natural stone coloured crushed gravel
  • Natural stone paving stone
  • Natural stone flag stones
  • Granite high-grade crushed gravel
  • Luxivit Granit     
  • Granite road metal
  • Granite aggregate base
  • Granite rip rap
  • Granite worked stone
  • Granite kerbstone and edging
  • Granite slope reinforcement
  • Granite block wall stones
  • Granite erratics
  • Granite raw blocks
  • Decorative granite plates

We achieve highest quality standards and customer satisfaction thanks to the enthusiasm of our team members working in Germany and abroad as well as advanced technology standards throughout our product range.

We offer our customers individually tailored natural stone products and services. Our product offerings include standard products and custom-designed solutions. Be assured that our experts will be more than happy to assist you during planning and construction of your natural stone project.

With an hourly production of 700 tonnes we have the largest installed quarry capacity of the Bavarian Forest. This rate of production ensures punctual and reliable delivery to all building sites.

Storage facilities at major German ports and a modern vehicle fleet ensure swift transportation of our natural stone products.

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